NNJCA 2017 annual election results

Thanks to Election Committee’s team work and everybody’s support, our NNJCA 2017 annual election has completed successfully. We had received 55 e-votes by 06/01/17 and also 82 on-site votes on 06/04/17.
Congratulations to our re-elected 2017-2018 NNJCA President Mr. Tahsin Chou, 1st Vice President Mr. Joe Yang, 2nd Vice President Ms. Jennifer Su, and Treasurer Mr. Stephen Lo. This one year term is 09/01/2017 – 08/31/2018. We look forward to having another wonderful year of NNJCA.
The Bylaws Amendment for Scholarship Committee has also been voted and approved.  The page link to The Bylaws of NNJCA on the right hand  side of the website is updated and effective starting 09/01/17.
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